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This is our new sold gems gallery. Here you will find a little of everything that was offered on this site. From time to time, you might find Crown Of Silver psilomelane, regency rose plume agate, howardite, Montana agate, Tiffany stone, Monet` jasper, covellite, Exotica jasper, opalite, lapis lazuli, petrified wood, rhodochrosite, swamp bog jasper, malachite, crazy lace agate, Carey plume, chrysocolla, Morgan Hill poppy jasper, rutilated quartz, imperial jasper, morrisonite, flower obsidian, charoite, African pietersite, ocean jasper, imperial jasper, crazy lace agate, rhodochrosite, Biggs jasper, Priday plume agate, gem silica, and rare Godber/Burnham turquoise, among many others. Feel free to let me know if there's any particular material you'd like to see. I hope you enjoy your visit, and return regularly to to see what is currently for sale.

Last updated on Feb 21

Gemstones For Sale

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Bruneau jasper

Item 128 bruneau
Price SOLD

dryhead agate

dryhead agate
Item 222 Dryhead
Price SOLD


Item 222 Charoite
Price SOLD

Carnelian agate

Carnelian agate
Item 215 Carnelian
Price SOLD


African Pietersite
Item 122 pieteraf
Price SOLD

Chrysocolla malachite

Item 211 chryso
Price SOLD

Blue lace agate

Blue lace agate
Item 125 blace
Price HOLD


Item 23 imperial
Price SOLD

Raspberry plume agate

Raspberry tube agate
Item 33 Rasp
Price SOLD

Regency rose plume agate

Regency rose
Item 33 Regency
Price SOLD


Item 33 Lazulite
Price SOLD

marra mamba

Marra Mamba
Item 33 Marra
Price SOLD

Noriega lace agate

Noregia Lace agate
Item 33 Noregia
Price SOLD


Item 33 Charoite
Price SOLD


Yellow Opalite
Item 33 yopal
Price SOLD

Dinosaur bone

Dinosaur Bone
Item 33 bluedino
Price SOLD

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