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What is the code for putting in a background?.

How do I make the box around graphics dissapear?.

How do I make a mail a link?

How can I make a particular subject line in a mail?

How do I make a stationary background?

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How do I get html coding to appear on webpages?

How do I embed music files?.

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How do I make a redirect page?

Attention AOL users; your graphics may not show up on all browsers.

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How do I make a redirect page?

So you moved your site to a new place, but you'd like to let your visitors find your new home. To do this, insert the following between the HEAD tags of your page:

The code CONTENT="10; tells the browser to wait 10 seconds before transfer. You can choose however long you would like, but perhaps you'd want to avoid 0 seconds because some browsers aren't capable of handling it.

How do I make the link color change when I pass the mouse over it?

I have seen this same affect accomplished with a ton of coding but it is really very simple. Here is the code I used on this page:

Go ahead an copy this and simply change the colors around to suit you. ( the colors are the # ffffff; #660099. Here are a couple of great links to color charts with codes.

Web color index

A cool color chart

Color Picker

Web safe colors

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