Updated Nov 1,1999.

Why Dont Artists Accept Credit Pages:

Most artists, writers, and musicians ask for credit to be given on the same page.
Why is that?

We live in a right click world where if we can see it we can take it. In most cases any single page can be accessed and the visitor may not go any where else on the site. Hardly anything is in the public domain, but most people just dont realize this, and most don't take the time to search out an artist that is not listed on the same page. It is like removing the signature from a painting and displaying it in another room.

So what harm does this do?

Say you have a breathtaking graphic posted on your page and the credit is hidden on a credit page somewhere. Say out of all your visitors this month, 20 of them take the graphic, only about 2 or 3 will search out the artist. That leaves 17 or 18 out there that will post it without credit or any idea that there are terms for their use. Say the exact same ratio of people take from their pages. Now at least 289 copies of that graphic is out there uncredited. As you can see the problem snowballs. One person can unintentionally be the catalyst for hundreds of infringments.

The graphics designer must then track down each and every one and write to them in order to get a credit link on their page or have them remove it. We write to an average of 20 people a day and sometimes it gets overwhelming. It makes the artist wonder if sharing is really worth it. A lot of graphic sites close down because the artist is forced into spending all of their time tracking down uncredited pages, and writing letters. Then on the really bad side they have to contact the server for page removal of those that refuse and spend thousands of dollars for attorney fees, copyright office fees, phone calls, and protection programs.

So why don't the artist just let it go?

1.) This is like asking a mother to let go of her baby.
2.) They have an obligation to protect their copyright.

3.) Most original artists rely on income frome their work such as

1.For commercial use of their linkware graphics.
2.Custom design orders from people
3.Royalies for use in other mediums
4.CD's for sale and exclusive sets
5.Companies hiring good graphi artists

What can I do to help

When you go to a graphics site you are essentionally making a bargain with the graphics designer. You can use the their hard work and creativity as long as you put a credit link on the same page.

This is surely a small price to pay.

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