This particular gift came to me as such a surprise. The kindness of the letter attached made me want to share it with anyone who travels by here. Although she asked me not to I would like you to go visit this lady's site so that she may touch your life as she has mine.

"I have a thousand things to thank you for. Did you know that you are doing this for people?
For NOT making me feel stupid when I have trouble with something.
For helping me believe that maybe I CAN do it.
For explaining things in a way that I can understand.
For anticipating what is needed and dealing with it.
For sharing your knowledge.
Most of all... for sharing your story and with it... a piece of your heart.
For making a difference. And you do. And that is the most important thing of all."

This is the first award that Anne has made and I am very proud to be the first one it's bestowed upon.

The background is an enlargement of a Aussie Lightning Ridge Opal known as "Rainbow Fire" from Ria at Australian Opals World Wide. She made this because of my affinity for rainbows and made sure she got permission to use it.

THANK YOU Annie, for sharing so much of yourself and taking your time and talent to bring a smile to my face.

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