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~ Marra Mamba tigereye cab ~

Here is a prime cabochon of rare Marra Mamba tigereye, from Australia. This eye-catching material is, in my opinion, the most awesomely brilliant tigereye there is anywhere in the world, and this little gem's a fine example of the highest calibre found. It exhibits positively amazing and colorful pearly chatoyance, in hues of navy blue, teal green, yellow and coppery peach that roll and flash beautifully over the stone. At one side are rope-like streaks of shiny metallic hematite, as well as jasper of red and ochre. Glorious coloration! The backside is amazing too, so I couldn't resist adding a pic to illustrate it. The cab has a high rounded dome, a crisply bold designer shape, and a glassy polish both front and back.

Weight: approximately 43 carats

Price: $219.00 Sold
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Marra Mamba tigereye

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