False comments were made on a public message board (by catmandewe [Tony Funk], a friend of stonesthatrock [Ralph Sieler & Mary Ann Glimes] ) intending to ridicule me and damage my reputation & credibility. That has re-opened this ugly issue, causing me to feel it necessary to post these documented facts. This page, and others, will remain publicly viewable until I get a public apology, which I am rightfully due.

Here are some PDFs of the documents concerning my notice of copyright infringement, pursuant to the DMCA:

DMCA notice
DMCA notice addendum

I also have other notices of the same nature, which were sent to several other web hosts used by these same two infringing individuals (a husband & wife), including flickr, facebook, and photobucket, etc. Happily, those servers complied with my lawful request by promptly removing the stolen content.

Here are some working links to my original content:

Hell's Canyon petrified wood gallery
Hell's Canyon petwood cab
Woodward Ranch plume agate cab
Morgan Hill poppy jasper cab
Priday moss agate cab
Mohave purple turquoise cab
Flowering tube onyx cab

Here are some screen captures of commercial webpages using text STOLEN from my site. Each is a clickable link:


(Used for editorial purposes, under the Fair Use provisions of U.S. Copyright Law)

Here is a link to Tony Shultz's flyer, still residing on the cabochon.ws website.

And again, the same flyer in my own directory.
The flyer is shown here because this infringer falsely claimed she copied text from it. As you can clearly see, the flyer's text is not the same as any of my original texts, nor is it the same as the text shown in the screen captures above.

This infringer also falsely claimed that the Mohave turquoise text she stole from me came from the Colbaugh Processing website, where NO SUCH TEXT EVER EXISTED.


A NEW *HALL OF SHAME* PAGE dealing with this particular theft is COMING SOON, so please be sure to check back. I value your input!