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~ Marra Mamba tigereye cab ~

Offered here is a thrilling cabochon of rare Marra Mamba tigereye. Found in only one small deposit in Australia, which was quickly mined out, whatever supplies remain are already in the hands of collectors. This stunning material is, in my opinion, the most awesomely brilliant tigereye there is anywhere in the world, and this wonderfully colorful stone is an example of the highest calibre ever found. It has a marvelous degree of flashy chatoyance that shiver over the face of the stone, in a near-rainbow of colors: Midnight blue, green and red, with smaller touches of orange and gold. Please feel free to search around and you'll see this one's a far cry from all the rest; it has a certain magical quality about it, and a strong sense of the darkly mysterious. (My favorite kind!) Ornate patches of shiny metallic hematite, very much resembling trees or bushes, add even more character. The backside is beautiful too, though different, as this marra mamba tigereye is a material that changes quickly with each saw cut or pass of the grinding wheel. This one's quite a substantial stone, with a generously high rounded dome of 7mm. It has a gracefully flowing, yet bold, designer shape, and a totally glassy polish both front and back.

Size: 32x31mm
Weight: approximately 55 carats

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Marra Mamba tigereye

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