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~ Tahoma jasper cab ~

Offered here is a striking designer cabochon of top quality Tahoma jasper, from the slopes of Mt. Rainier in Washington state. The local American Indian name for that same mountain is Tahoma, which translates roughly to 'next to heaven', and it is considered to be a sacred place. So someone chose a great name for this terrific and very rare material! This unique cab is a marvelous example, the finest I've yet seen, with an intriguing display of plumes, cloudy 'fingers', bands and even subtle fortifications, along with a tiny druzy vug. The colors are typical of the best the material has to offer, with several shades of slate blue, gray, cream and purplish brown tones. Great contrast here, and because it's a mixture of agate and jasper, there's more than a little translucence present too. This stone does have a couple all too typical fractures, but they're not atall distracting, being quite fine and well healed. The stone has a well rounded dome, a gracefully elegant shape, nicely polished both front and back.

Size: 49.5x31mm
Weight: approximately 47 carats

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Tahoma jasper

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