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~ Psilomelane cab ~

Here is a designer cabochon of Crown Of Silver psilomelane, cut by my middle son John. This Chihuahua, Mexico material is sometimes referred to as 'black malachite', though there's no real relation. It features many fine concentric bands and eyes in shiny 'smoked chrome' alternating with metallic black, and it is very highly reflective. In fact, it is so shiny, poor John had a fit trying to capture a decent photo, so I had to help once again. The photos show it somewhat lighter than the reality; in hand, it's blacker, but still has that fabulous pattern. I do need to mention the presence of a tiny hairline, visible in the enlarged second photo, but it's nothing to worry about; it's barely visible and should be concealed by most any setting. The stone has a very high rounded dome, a sweet shape, and a slick glassy polish. The backside is flat and unpolished.

Size: 36x16mm
Weight: approximately 27 carats

Price: SOLD
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