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~ Montana agate cab ~

Offered here is a large, deluxe cabochon of Montana agate, cut from Yellowstone River agate found long ago. This particular piece was selected from an old stash of 5 gallon buckets full I lucked into, which I very much enjoyed rummaging into last summer. The agate is clear enough to read through, with several ribbon-like bands of black, brown and reddish-orange beautifully composed within the stone. I think it's one of the nicest I've offered in quite some time, and it's especially attractive held to the light, as shown by the backlit photo. The photos don't do it much justice, though; in hand, it is quite perfectly AMAZING, and without any flaw that I can find. It has a nicely rounded dome of 5mm, a fun designer shape, and a brilliantly glassy polish both front and back.

Size: 51x26mm
Weight: approximately 51 carats

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Montana Agate

Montana agate

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