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~ Red horn coral cab ~

Offered here is a distinguished cabochon of fossilized horn coral, from Utah. Horn corals are actually ancient colonial sea life, and you can clearly see the organic nature of this once-living coral in the highly translucent agate. It has the classic 'radiating spoke' figure, in coral pink, nearly white, gray, and bright reddish orange. And it also has some tiny but fascinating eye patterns at its center, plus some whitish calcite for added contrast. The last photo is of the stone backlit, illustrating the beautiful translucence, shown off in a freeform shape that's certainly more attractive than the boring rounds and ovals so often cut. Front and center for this one! The stone has a nicely rounded dome of 5mm, and a fine glassy polish both front and back.

Size: 33x24mm
Weight: approximately 37 carats

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Red horn coral

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