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~ Condor agate cab ~

Offered here is a cabochon of Condor agate, from Patagonia. It was cut from a prized nodule, rather than from the more plentiful seam variety. This stone features a fortification pattern of bands in bright orange, peach chiffon, and cream, framing a core of reddish orange. And within that core is a small natural vug with a bit of sparkle. The colors are nothing short of gorgeous, and so bright the stone almost seems lit from within. There's some interesting turtlebacking present, as well as a subtle iris effect that I found impossible to capture in a photograph, but you'll certainly see it in hand. It's a surprisingly intriguing example, one that you'll surely treasure. The cab has a high rounded dome of nearly 8mm, and a curvy designer shape, polished to a glassy brilliance both front and back.

Size: 41x29mm
Weight: approximately 56 carats

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Condor agate

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