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~ Palm agate cab ~

Offered here is a cabochon of palm agate, from Indonesia. This material is a brand new acquisition to my studio, one that I searched for a good long time. I finally purchased several kilos direct from the miner overseas, and I must say it was well worth seeking out and waiting for! This new petrified palm has fantastically wild figure, and the colors are brilliant. This example has a plethora of bullseyes, many with cores of blue, red or white, and most are edged or highlighted in bright red or orange. The body of the stone is reddish-orange, with undertones of olive green in some places. There are a few fancy fortifications in snow white, with translucent crystalline cores. Absolutely gorgeous, the patterns seems to indicate that this was once part of the roots of a living palm tree, but I'm no expert and could be mistaken. I sincerely believe this brilliant new palm agate has tremendous designer potential; grab this one if you think so, too! The cab has a well rounded dome of 5.5mm, a gracefully curved long designer drop shape, and a slick, glassy polish both front and back.

Size: 56x21mm
Weight: approximately 50 carats

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Palm agate

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