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~ Dinosaur bone cab ~

Offered here is a large cabochon cut from fossilized dinosaur bone, from Utah. This highly silicated material is many millions of years old, a marvelous example of the natural preservation of our earth's ancient, extinct 'thunder lizards'. Over millennia, the cells in this fossil bone have been replaced with blood red silica. Each cell is framed by a web of the actual cell walls, jet black in color, forever frozen in time. A close look reveals that there are a few crystalline cells with purple amethystine coloration. Gem bone in this saturated crimson hue is most sought-after by collectors, and is certainly one of my personal favorites; no doubt you'll love it, too! Please click the pics to view the closer shots. The stone has a high rounded dome, and a graceful designer 'flame' shape, brilliantly polished both front and back.

Size: 54x25mm
Weight: approximately 56 carats

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Dinosaur bone

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