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~ Bumble bee stone cab ~

Offered here is a striking cabochon of bumble bee stone, from Indonesia. After slicing some of this extraordinary material in my slab saw, it simply isn't hard enough to be either a jasper or an agate. Once polished, it has a somewhat waxy feel, a lot like onyx does. For sure, it cuts FANTASTIC cabs! This example has several gorgeous bullseyes, some scallops and banding in brilliant yellow-orange alternating with black, which adds an appealing contrast. I read on the importer's website that this material is harvested near the steaming calderas of Mount Papandayan, an active volcano, where locals collect native sulfur! So that seems to explain the vivid yellow and yellow-orange colors. I think bumble bee 'jasper' has tremendous designer potential! The cab has a high rounded dome of 7.5mm, a plump designer drop shape, and a slick glossy polish both front and back.

Size: 48x30mm
Weight: approximately 72 carats

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Bumble bee jasper

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