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~ Royal imperial jasper cab ~

Offered here is a deluxe cabochon of royal imperial jasper, from Mexico. This collectible 'ojitos' (little eyes) material is the very best of the best, and thankfully, I lucked into a huge old horde of outstanding rough nodules so I can continue to share them with you. The ridiculously fancy pattern in this remarkable stone is composed of orbs of various sizes stacked one atop another. It is a study in various pastel shades of blue-gray and minty blue-greens, with whitish orbs providing strong contrast, plus plenty of nuanced shading. There's a band of peach and orange colored edging around most of the perimeter, too, and the flip side is outrageously beautiful as well. There are some odd lines, typical of this material, but the stone has no flaws that I can find. It's a rare treasure anyone would be proud to own! The stone has a low rounded dome of 5mm, a plump designer teardrop shape, and a brilliantly glassy polish both front and back.

Size: 41x31mm
Weight: approximately 40 carats

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imperialRoyal imperial jasper

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