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~ Lazulite in quartzite cab ~

Offered here is a unique cabochon cut from rare lazulite in quartzite, premium lapidary material from Georgia's renown Graves Mountain area. In this example, there are several deep blue lazulite crystals, some of which show a little of their typical dipyramidal form. The grayish quartzite base has a degree of translucence, and contains a multitude of silvery pyrite flecks that sparkle like fine glitter, though my camera captured only a hint of them. The last photo, taken of the backside in reflected light, shows them best, so please be sure to click to enlarge the pics. If you like featuring the truly unusual in your creations, you're going to love this stone! It has a very high, well rounded dome of 8mm, a plump designer 'trillion' shape, and a smooth glassy polish both front and back.

Size: 37x30mm
Weight: approximately 68 carats

Price: SOLD current gemstones for sale



Lazulite in quartzite

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