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~ Indonesian agate cab ~

Offered here is a large & impressive cabochon of purple agate, from Indonesia. I'm told it's no longer being found these days, though I certainly hope they keep looking. This extra-gemmy example has truly outstanding banding in deep purple and lavender chiffon coloration that rivals Holly blue agate, IMHO. I actually intended to keep the two half-nodules for myself, but once I placed them on a shelf near my bench, I found that my eyes were continually drawn to them... so I just HAD to cab another one up. -grin- The colors and fortifications in this amazing treasure are almost hypnotic in their appeal, perhaps even better than these flat, one-dimensional photos illustrate, as you will see when it's yours to enjoy. There are several interesting inclusions present in this stone: Tiny dark flecks of shiny metallic copper, of all things! You'll have to look closely to see them, but they really are there. And one small dot of black host rock at the side on the back. You will love this agate, I have no doubt! The stone has a well rounded dome of 7mm, a whimsical designer shape, and a slick glassy polish both front and back.

Size: 49x30mm
Weight: approximately 52 carats

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Indonesian agate

Indonesian agate

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