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~ Tietea petrified fern cab ~

Offered here is an interesting cabochon cut from collectible Tietea wood, a species of tree fern found in Brazil's Araguaina petrified forest. This ancient petrified wood is probably a lot more colorful now than when it was alive, some 250 million years ago. There are earthy pastels of coral, pink, gray & golden tan, and plenty between. The windblown eyes are actually the vascular structures that nurtured the once-living plant. Incredible to think that such details could be so faithfully preserved in the stone, isn't it? Fascinatingly beautiful! The cab has a low rounded dome of 5mm, a designer 'crescent' shape, and despite a several natural voids, it took a great polish both front and back.

Size: 40x23mm
Weight: approximately 37 carats

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Tietea petrified fern

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