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~ Petrified palm root cab ~

Offered here is a cabochon of petrified palm root, from Sumatra. This fossil wood is a fascinating piece of the earth's natural history. Here's an interesting detail: The fellow that found it believes that only the buried part of the palm tree was preserved to undergo the fossilization process, because none of the ancient trunks were found. I think it's absolutely gorgeous stuff! This example has a pattern of intricate tendrils, semi-translucent eyes, and jagged pools of pale blue agate here and there. The black area also contains a few flecks of silvery metallic pyrite, and please note: A natural void. In the side view, I see a truly frightening insectoid face, complete with wicked eyes! Very unique!! No fossil collection is complete without a nice example of this amazing palm root. But it ought to make a fabulous item of jewelry too. -smile- The cab has a well rounded dome of 6.5mm, a crisp designer shape, and a brilliant polish both front and back.

Size: 48x27mm
Weight: approximately 48 carats

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Pet wood

Petrified palm root

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