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~ Indo. orbicular river jasper cab~

Offered here is a large cabochon of orbicular river jasper, cut from a boulder found in Indonesian. It bears a remarkably close resemblance to Madagascar's ocean jasper, but generally seems to have smaller orbs. This stone is a splendid example, with a veritable storm of festive multicolored bullseyes and orbs in a variety of sizes. Mostly pink, rose and golden yellow. They stand out well against a background composed of a translucent blend of agate and quartz that has a greenish tint, allowing a view of the many spherules suspended within. There are a several drusy pockets adding sparkle to the character of the stone, and others beneath the surface. This unique beauty is one that anyone would be proud to own, either set to wear as jewelry, or just to feature in one's collection. The stone has a well rounded dome of 6mm, and a plump designer teardrop shape, polished both front and back.

Size: 42x33mm
Weight: approximately 69 carats

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Indonesian orbicular river jasper

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