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~ Chinese pietersite cab ~

Offered here is a large, deluxe cabochon of premium Chinese pietersite. This is grand old stock I stashed away many years ago, of very high calibre. This colorful example features light and dark blue, brilliant gold, burnt orange and deep red chatoyance in a swirling, almost folded, pattern that shifts and changes with movement. There are hints of other colors as well, where the primary hues blend, and plenty of flash and dazzle. Please be sure to click the pics to enlarge them to full size to see the fine details of the cab. It's truly an amazing treasure that anyone would be proud to own. It has a well rounded dome of 6mm, and a fine glassy polish both front and back. And for a stone of this size and quality, my per carat price is a steal!

Size: 53x15mm
Weight: approximately 40 carats

Price: SOLD See current gemstones for sale




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