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~ Amethyst lace agate cab suite ~

Offered here is a lovely suite of three cabochons cut from amethyst lace agate, from Mexico. Seldom seen, this old timey agate has become most difficult to obtain these days. Not to be confused with the more recent Mexican chevron amethyst lace of lesser quality. These stones are nicely translucent examples, complete with some interesting crystal forms, as well as attractive pink, purple and lavender bands, with white & gray. Some areas of the dark amethyst appear to have very fine sagenitic needles. The large cab has a sleek designer 'spearhead' shape, and all three have a low dome of 4.5mm, nicely polished both front and back.

Size: 52x20, 13mm rounds
Weight: approximately 54 carats total

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amethyst lace

Amethyst lace agate

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