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~ Black tube agate cab ~

Offered here, from my personal collection, is a cabochon of premium black tube agate, cut from very old material that originated in Oregon's Warm Springs reservation area. This intriguing thunderegg agate is something you certainly won't see often, especially in the black shades. There's quite a lot going on in this seemingly dark stone, which has an amazing translucence, as illustrated by the backlit photo, although I must say the color in hand is not quite as blue as these photos indicate. There is an impressive showing of well-defined tube structures that make this example very much resemble a black-based agate variety of ocean jasper, if there were such a thing, with bullseyes throughout. There are also a couple fancy crystalline voids that penetrate the stone, lined with tiny terminated quartz crystals, adding a nice touch of sparkle. Collectibly gorgeous, and none too easy to come by, this one's truly a keeper! It has a low rounded dome of 4mm, a crisp designer shape, and a slick, glassy polish both front and back.

Size: 51x25mm
Weight: approximately 37 carats

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black tube agate

Warm Springs tube agate

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