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~ Peanut wood cab ~

Offered here is a cabochon of rare petrified peanut wood, also known as teredo wood. This ancient fossil tree material is of the Araucaria species, found in the Kennedy Ranges of Western Australia. I'm told it's becoming more scarce by the day, resulting in a drastic decline in production to almost nothing in recent years. This cab was cut from a small horde I've had tucked away for awhile. The circular ivory white spots are actually part of a network of tunnels where the wood of the once-living tree was bored by teredo mollusks, aka shipworms. Over millennia, those burrowed holes were filled with radiolarite, an odd form of common opal. This example also retained some of the tree's original woodgrain pattern, and the root beer brown areas do show some translucence. The cab has a nicely rounded dome of 6mm, a graceful 'flame' shape, and a great glassy polish both front and back.

Size: 41x24mm
Weight: approximately 34 carats

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Peanut wood

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