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~ Black River agate cab ~

Offered here is a superbly dramatic cabochon of Black River agate, from Argentina. Hand selected from our friend Anna's table at the gem show, came a handsome parcel of these very special agates. Mighty fun cutting, I must say! This sweet shadow agate came from one of the very first nodules sliced. It boasts a plethora of super fine fortification bandings showing crazy parallax effect, ie. the bands seem to wiggle open and closed as the stones is moved. It also has excellent contrast, reminding me of some Lake Superior agates I have known and loved, but with an oddly attractive greenish-yellow undertone. Truly a keeper! The cab has a nicely rounded dome of 5mm, and a gracefully curved designer drop shape, polished to a glassy brilliance both front and back.

Size: 46x27mm
Weight: approximately 59 carats

Price: $49.00



Black River agate




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