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~ Parrot wing jasper cab ~

Offered here is a cabochon of old stock parrot wing jasper, from Mexico. This delightful jasperized chrysocolla is becoming difficult to find, unlike the more common copper complexes so often substituted for it and erroneously dubbed 'parrot wing'. This is the real deal, folks. It features brilliant shades of turquoise blue and spring green, with patches of gray, brown, golden yellow, and hints of darkest magenta. It's every bit as vivid as the photos depict, perhaps a bit moreso. I really enjoy cabbing this classic material for use in my own jewelry; it's strikingly hued, very solid, and there's seldom any difficulty achieving a smooth, glossy shine. The cab has a high rounded dome of 7mm, and a graceful designer 'flame' shape that's polished both front and back.

Size: 54x17mm
Weight: approximately 52 carats

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Parrot wing jasper

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