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~ Medicine Bow dendritic agate ~

Offered here is a cabochon of Medicine Bow dendritic agate, from Wyoming. This old stock material is sought after for its lovely dendritic plumes, and this one is an extra fine example. The blackish plumes stand out in wonderfully well against a contrasting background of white. They remind me of fir tree branches, and each branch has a halo of bright snow white, with subtle fortifications. The "branches" actually do have a slight bit of texture, as is often typical of this agate. I've seen stones of this sort set in both gold and silver with fantastic results, but I think the contrast of an antiqued silver mounting would look best. Of course, that choice is entirely up to you! The cab has a well rounded dome of 5mm, and a crisp designer shape that's polished both front and back.

Size: 48x24mm
Weight: approximately 38 carats

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Medicine Bow dendritic agate

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