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~ Yttrium fluorite cab ~

Offered here is a cabochon of rare yttrium fluorite, which hails from Mexico. Sure cuts an impressive stone! It's purple fluorite combined with the rare earth element yttrium, and this splendid example is truly top notch. The lighter lavender areas have an unusual soft satiny sheen that's very pleasant but hard to describe, subtly shifting. The deepest purple bands are a rich purple gel, and the entire stone is highly translucent. The color in the first two pics look a bit washed out, but the last photo captured how it actually appears in hand. Beautifully unique and collectible, you betcha! If you like lavender/purple stones for your creations, you're sure to love this one. The cab has a high rounded dome of 7.5mm, a gracefully curved designer 'flame' shape, and a smooth glossy polish both front and back. *** Please note: Fluorite is only 4 on the Mohs hardness scale, which means it scratches easily. In jewelry, fluorite needs a protected setting or it won't fare very well over time. This tougher yttrium-combined fluorite seems a great deal harder, much denser and heavier than ordinary common fluorite; it's closer in hardness to turquoise, which wears well.

Size: 53x26mm
Weight: approximately 80 carats

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Yttrium fluorite

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