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~ Petrified palm cab ~

Offered here is an unusual collector's cabochon of petrified palm, newly arrived GEM material from Sumatra. This ancient wood is a fascinating piece of the earth's natural history, with every detail of the living palm perfectly preserved by the process of fossilization. I think it's absolutely gorgeous stuff! The petiole tendrils in this extra gemmy example show an almost pleated pattern, very much like the weaving in fabric, greatly enlarged. Plus, the whole stone has a surprising degree of translucence, as illustrated by the backlit photo. No fossil collection is complete without a nice example of this amazing new prehistoric palm. But it ought to make a fabulous item of jewelry too. -smile- The cab has a well rounded dome of 7mm, a versatile designer 'keystone' shape, and a brilliant polish both front and back.

Size: 47x19mm
Weight: approximately 50 carats

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Pet wood

Petrified palm wood

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