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~ Mohave turquoise cab ~

Offered here is a LARGE cabochon of Mohave purple turquoise. I have to say the bluish purple colors are even MORE captivating than before. It is composed of small chunks of natural blue Kingman turquoise (some with fabulous spiderwebbing), to which they added red dye and a brassy-bronze metallic. From there, I'm told the proprietary process is very much the same as with other stabilized turquoise, and this is the end result. Beautifully rich coloration, with plenty of contrasting golden metallic webbing through and through. Even though this purple turquoise isn't natural, either in color or form, I find it to be absolutely gorgeous. It cut like a dream, took a fantastic polish, and is totally solid. And the VIVID colors certainly command attention! The cab has a high rounded dome of 6mm, and a gracefully arched 'flame' shape, finished with a slick glossy polish both front and back.

Size: 53x25mm
Weight: approximately 62 carats

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Mohave bronzed purple turquoise

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