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~ Feather Ridge plume agate cab ~

Offered here is a cabochon cut from Feather Ridge plume agate, which was recently mined in Oregon. The claim owner, Philip Stephenson, surprised me by generously sending several samples of this exciting new material for me to enjoy, and enjoy it I certainly do!! As illustrated by these photos, this example boasts a delightful array of plume figures in delicate shades of pink, pastel peach and golden yellow, with snowy white, suspended in a very translucent background, which displays them to the fullest. Among the impressive plumes, there are a couple of small botryoidal vugs and glints of sparkly crystal beneath the surface adding earthy character. The coloration is strongly reminiscent of grand old regency rose plume agate from Graveyard Point, which I read is only about 10 miles away, comparing very well to the best I've seen. And it cut like a dream to boot! Feather Ridge plume agate ought to look splendid set in silver, but I think the contrasting richness of gold would be especially tasty. Try it, you'll love it! This cab has a nicely rounded dome of 5mm, a designer teardrop shape, and a fine glassy polish both front and back.

Size: 56x24mm
Weight: approximately 48 carats

Price: SOLD
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Feather Ridge plume agate

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