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~ Fossil coral cab ~

Offered here is a large deluxe cabochon of colorful fossilized coral, from Indonesia. Much of this fascinating material can be drab or monotone, so good, solid pieces with strong hues are few and far between. Recently I read that there's next to no fossil coral being found these days, as the deposits have all been depleted. Anyway, this example has rich raspberry to rose pink coloration, with cream and goldenrod yellow areas. Even without enlarging the pics, one can clearly see the stone's unmistakeable one-of-a-kind pattern of flower-like starbursts. Hence the name 'flowers of the sea', as it is sometimes known. It is actually composed of the highly silicated fossil remains of colonial sea coral, many millions of years old! Please click to enlarge the pics to see the intricate details within. This cab has a high rounded dome of 5.5mm, a sleek designer 'flame' shape, and a slick glassy polish both front and back.

Size: 60x24mm
Weight: approximately 56 carats

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Fossil coral

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