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~ Rhodochrosite cab ~

Offered here is a collectibly unique cabochon of rhodochrosite, from Argentina, cut from scarce old stock material. Not easy to come by like it once was, last I heard, the price of classic rhodochrosite is strictly controlled by the Argentinian goverment. -grr- This magnificent stone features lovely pink coloration, with sharply contrasting dark silvery metallics at either edge. Some of the bands show very intricate dogtoothed spikes in palest pink pastels. I'm told the metallic ore area probably contains at least some precious silver content, and as hinted at in the pics, reflected light reveals that it has an odd moire pattern to it, a bit like psilomelane. This beauty has a bold designer shape, with a nicely rounded dome of 5mm, and it is polished to a lustrous gloss both front and back.

Size: 43x32mm
Weight: approximately 63 carats

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