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~ Ammonite cab ~

Offered here is an impressive cabochon cut from a fossil ammonite, from Madagascar. The species is Cleoniceras madagascariense, and I'm told it lived hundreds of millions of years ago. This golden amber and green colored cab has a strong suture pattern of growth events which can be seen as white lines, roughly resembling the shape of oak leaves. Those interlocking sutures are thought to have allowed the living ammonite to withstand the immense pressure of the underwater depths. This example is beautifully gemmy, reminiscent of marmalade jelly, as illustrated by the backlit photo. No doubt it'll make a fascinating piece of jewelry! The cab has a high rounded dome of 5mm, a designer 'trillion' shape, and a slick glossy polish both front and back.

Size: 30x29mm
Weight: approximately 34 carats

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