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~ Royal Sahara jasper cab ~

Offered here is an interesting cabochon of Royal Sahara jasper, cut from material that was discovered a few years back in the form of nodules in the North African Sahara desert. This porcelain jasper is often has scenic figure reminiscent of Oregon's Biggs and Deschutes jaspers, even though it originated on the other side of the planet, with very similar patterns and colors. No wonder; all three jaspers are said to be composed of silicified mud! This example has quite a variety of figures in rich ochres & browns, with overtones of olive and slate blue. Each of those who've seen it claim they see a different theme in the stone, from an ancient overgrown lighthouse upon a rocky slope, to a stylized ship, complete with billowing smokestack. This stone has a well rounded dome of 5mm, a versatile designer 'pillow' shape, and a brilliantly glassy polish both front and back.

Size: 31x23mm
Weight: approximately 35 carats

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Royal Sahara

Royal Sahara jasper

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