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~ Lapis lazuli~

Offered here is a lapis lazuli cabochon. Chris cut this beauty, which hails from Afganistan. This superb material features deep rich royal blue coloration, with a scattering of white calcite toward the edges and a central spray of shiny metallic pyrite for contrast. The face-on photo makes it appear grainy, though it isn't at all. And the excellent blue color appears washed out, while in hand, it's a MUCH darker & gemmier blue, leaning more toward the purple spectrum than illustrated. My personal preference is silver for setting deep blue lapis like this, but no doubt the contrast with bright gold would look splendidly rich too. The stone has a low but nicely rounded dome, a crisp 'spear' shape, and a gleaming polish both front and back.

Size: 40x27 mm
Weight: approximately 35 carats

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