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~ Royal imperial jasper cab ~

Offered here is an intriguing cabochon of royal imperial jasper, from Mexico. This collectible 'ojitos' material is simply wonderful stuff, another member of the fine grained porcelain jasper family I love so much. (Ojitos means little eyes in Spanish.) This one features an artful orbicular pattern in muted shades of teal blues, both light and dark, which is far less common than most other colors. The orby pattern fits the shape of the stone quite well, and there are contrasting rusty orange splashes, with other accents at the edges. The backside is beautiful too, so an open back setting would be nice. The cab has a rounded dome of 5mm, a sweet designer 'flame' shape, and a super glassy polish both front and back.

Size: 56x19mm
Weight: approximately 40 carats

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imperialRoyal imperial jasper

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