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~ Brecciated mookaite cab ~

Offered here is a cabochon of brecciated mookaite, a fairly recent newcomer from Australia. This attractive material is very glassy by nature, quite different from mookaite. So to get the facts, I directed a query about its composition to one of the two mining partners involved. He said it's basically ALL opalite (radiolarite), and despite the translucent webbing, it is not agatized to any extent. This example has veins of translucence between the lovely yellow chiffon, white and cream pieces that compose the stone, giving it a fascinating dimension of depth. Tiny bits of confetti and a few splashes of red add to the visual interest. I think it's absolutely awesome stuff! Try some, you'll be well pleased! This cab has a high rounded dome of 8mm, a crisp designer shape, and a great glassy finish both front and back.

Size: 49x25mm
Weight: approximately 54 carats

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brec mookite

Brecciated mookaite

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