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~ Marra mamba cab ~

Offered here is a premium cabochon of genuine Marra Mamba tigereye, a rarity from Australia. This startling material is, in my opinion, the most awesome tigereye in the world, and this gem's a fine example. It features a gorgeous patch of dancing pearly chatoyance in mostly blue, with just a dab of golden yellow toward the edge. There are also two chatoyant bands in velvety orange, alternating with metallic ribbons. The remainder is colorful jasper, included with splashes and flecks of shiny metallic hematite and magnetite. You will cherish it! The cab has a generously high rounded dome of 7mm, and a crisp triangular shape that's polished both front and back.

Size: 38x30mm
Weight: approximately 52 carats

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marra mamba tigereye

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