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~ TN Paint Rock agate cab ~

Offered here is a cabochon of Paint Rock agate, from the so-called 'Strawberry Patch' area in Tennessee. It takes its name from that locale, and does indeed bear some resemblance to strawberries. This treasured old time agate is quite a rarity; in fact, I've only seen a few pieces of it in the last 45 years, not counting pictures, and no cabs other than my own, ever! Anyway, this unique stone is packed with tiny orange/pink orbs, seemingly floating in a translucent gel background. The backlit photo reveals its gemmy nature, so please be sure to click to enlarge the pics to full size. Just fascinating! It has a sweet rounded teardrop shape, a low rounded dome of 3+mm, and is polished to a brilliant shine both front and back.

Size: 32x24mm
Weight: approximately 25 carats

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paint rock

Paint Rock agate





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