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~ Priday plume agate cab ~

Offered here is a unique cabochon of Priday plume agate, from the Priday Ranch digs in Oregon. This example was cut from some grand old stock which had been stashed away for decades in the cherished collection of an old gentleman rockhound, and I was extremely blessed to have been able to purchase a bag full of slices from his living estate. The cab has a nice display of small florette plumes and moss suspended in a translucent agate background that shows them off beautifully. It has a low rounded dome of 5mm, and a gracefully arched designer shape. Despite a tiny 2mm void on the backside to the edge, it is polished to a glassy brilliance both front and back.

Size: 60x15mm
Weight: approximately 32 carats

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Priday  agate

Priday plume agate

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