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~ Shattuckite in chrysocolla cab ~

Offered here is a large cabochon of rare blended shattuckite and azurite, from the Congo. This amazing dark blue material is mighty hard to beat when it comes to eye catching, and I have to say the photos fall short of illustrating the rich, saturated hue, resmbling fine lapis lazuli. The colors just don't seem to translate very well digitally. The stone is subtly webbed with a scattering of sub-metallic threads, which I'm told is probably cuprite. This highly silicated material has proved to be very durable; it's naturally hard enough to take a decent polish, with a tolerably small degree of wavy surface texture. It will wear nicely in any type of jewelry you can conjure up. The stone has a high rounded dome of 6.5mm, and a designer 'crescent' shape, polished both front and back.

Size: 56x28mm
Weight: approximately 74 carats



Shattuckite in chrysocolla

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