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~ Pilbara jasper cab ~

Offered here is a cabochon of Pilbara jasper, a recent Australian find, fresh from this year's Tucson shows. This new material certainly cuts awesome stones, and this example was cut from extra gemmy hand-selected stock. As you can see, it has a busy pattern in contrasting black, crimson, orange and white, with hints of yellow. Most of the streaks go across the stone, and some of them are actually flattened fortifications of agate. One, at the center, has a small druzy pocket with a bit of sparkle. The pattern and coloration really catches the eye, and I think it has a boatload of designer potential. If you do too, snag it and make it yours!! The cab has a well rounded dome of 6mm, a crisp designer 'spear' shape, and a glassy polish both front and back.

Size: 55x24mm
Weight: approximately 57 carats

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pilbara jasper


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