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~ Regency rose plume agate cab ~

Offered here is a large cabochon of regency rose plume agate, from the famous digs in eastern Oregon. This vividly colored stone was cut from grand old stock I've been hording for years, and as you can see, it's bursting with ornate plumage. You know, I love the old material! It's so much more colorful than the newer stuff. There's lots of rose, pastel pink, tangerine and golden yellow tendrils, with a delightful depth that these flat photos don't capture. Some of the plumes are edged in black, but in hand one can discern that those black areas are actually flecks of silvery marcasite. The cab has a high rounded dome of 6mm, a gracefully curved designer 'flame' shape, and a glassy polish both front and back.

Size: 60x24mm
Weight: approximately 62 carats

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Regency rose plume agate




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