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~ Bruneau jasper cab ~

Offered here is a distinguished cabochon of Bruneau Canyon jasper, from Idaho. It features an outstanding pattern of half orbs, one upon another, in rich shades of creamy peach. The orbs contrast nicely against an extra gemmy burnt orange background, entirely translucent, as illustrated by the backlit photo. Sadly, the best of this hard porcelain-like jasper is becoming alarmingly scarce and spendy these days, and the claim owner tells me the access route is extremely difficult terrain. And that's before he even gets down to the truly hard work of mining. Bruneau jasper remains a classic favorite, and I love the stuff! It takes an outrageously glassy polish, and when it's beautifully patterned like this cab is, it is sought after by collectors and designers alike. The stone has a low rounded dome, a versatile designer 'flame' shape, and a brilliant polish both front and back.

Size: 67x20mm
Weight: approximately 43 carats

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