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~ Silkstone cabs ~

Offered here is a matching trio of silkstone cabochons, from Minnesota. Closely related kin to tigereye and binghamite, the best silkstone also displays a fine chatoyance all its own. Silkstone is all but extinct nowadays, and I hear even the old mine dumps and tailings were thoroughly depleted long ago. This collectible suite of cabs are excellent examples, featuring silky golden bronze chatoyance in a subtle crushed velvet type of pattern. There is a light scattering of shiny metallic flecks of hematite, typical of this material, not readily apparent in the photos. The largest stone has a well rounded dome of 5.5mm, while the smaller pair are 4mm in thickness. Each of the cabs has a slick glassy polish both front and back.

Size: 52x25mm
Weight: approximately 77 carats

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Silkstone in jasper


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