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~ tourmalated quartz cab ~

Offered here is a fancy cabochon of tourmalated quartz, cut from a Brazilian crystal. The quartz has a scattering of many jet black needles of tourmaline, going every which way. These smaller needles are what I prefer over the heavier, thicker variety more often seen. It's some of the best quality I've ever had to work with, and has very little 'fairy frost'. The transparency really shows off this stone's inclusions, and oddly enough, there seems to be a scattering of tiny bubbles down one side that are kind of neat. It has a beautifully rounded dome of 5.5mm, a fat designer 'paisley' shape, and a slick, glassy all-over polish.

Size: 39x30mm
Weight: approximately 44 carats

Price: SOLD Current gemstones for sale$60.00



tourmalated quartz







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