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~ TN Paint Rock agate cab ~

Offered here is a cabochon of Paint Rock agate, from the so-called 'Strawberry Patch' area in Tennessee. It takes its name from that locale, and does indeed bear some resemblance to strawberries. This treasured old time agate is quite a rarity; in fact, I've only seen three pieces of it in the last 45 years, not counting pictures, and no cabs at all, ever! Anyway, this unique stone is packed with tiny orange/pink orbs, seemingly floating in a translucent agate background. The backlit photo reveals its gemmy nature, so please be sure to click to enlarge the pics to full size. Just fascinating!! I do need to mention the presence of a couple healed hairlines (all too common in TN agates), even though they are only apparent by viewing from the side. The cab faces up wonderfully, and it is quite sound, ready for your next masterpiece! It has a sweet designer teardrop shape, a high rounded dome of 6.5mm, and is polished to a brilliant shine both front and back.

Size: 36x23mm
Weight: approximately 43 carats

Price: SOLD Current gemstones for sale


paint rock

Paint Rock agate





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