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~ Royal Sahara jasper cab ~

Offered here is a striking cabochon of the new Royal Sahara jasper, recently found in the North African Sahara desert. This astonishing new porcelain material is ridiculously beautiful, and dare I say it? I feel it surpasses even the best Deschutes jasper for wildly exotic patterns and colors. This example has rich ochre, tan, cream, reddish brown, blue-gray and more, with a very attractive greenish overtone that I find extra appealing. Ribbons of each color swirl, wave and switchback through the stone, almost hypnotically, and I think that if you get this stone in your hot little hands, you'll probably never let it go! It's a collector's stone, if ever there was one! Pure magic! The cab has a low but nicely rounded dome of 5+mm, and a designer shape that frames and enhances the remarkable patterns quite well. Like all the more familiar porcelain jaspers, it is very hard, and perfectly polished both front and back to a brilliant mirror shine.

Size: 49x26mm
Weight: approximately 45 carats

Price: SOLD Current gemstones for sale Sold
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Royal Sahara

Royal Sahara jasper





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